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Automatic one-layer cutter, cutting width 170 cm

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Texi XYZ SP 170 is a modern Single-layer automatic cutter for textile and technical materials, synthetics, leather and others.

The machine is used in the production of clothing, furniture, automotive, leather and composite products, technical textiles, printing and advertising

The Texi XYZ SP 170 cutter design uses durable and efficient AC Servo motors. Thanks to this cutter is characterized by high efficiency and speed of work.

TEXI XYZ SP 170 was designed to minimize the operator's work on the cutting room, while guaranteeing savings fabric usage and precise cutting.

- Dimensions of the device: 250 x 540 cm with feeder
- Table width 215 cm
- Working area: 450 x 170 cm
- Optionally, possibility to enlarge length of the working area by a multiple of 150 cm
- Adjustable table height 83 - 85 cm
- Maximum cutting speed: 1000 mm / sec.
- Depending on the type of production the cutting head can be equipped with an oscillating knife, circular knife or a dragged knife
- Fabric feeder: 112 x 215 x 40 cm
- Powered by AC Servo Motors
- Turbine power: 11 kW
- Device power: 15 kW
- Voltage: 400 V, 3 phases
- Compressed air required (6 bar)
- Software in Polish and English (compatible with windows)
- Software, reads: plt / hpgl, dxf files