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Latex foam, grey, unperforated, 150cm wide, 10mm thick

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Foam applied for ironing jackets and other garments with multiple layers and thick seams. The Super latexfoam is used as a heavy but soft intermediate padding for garment presses, especially for clothing that tends to shine at seams. Due to the unique pore structure and the high cubic weight, Latexfoam provides an unbeaten spot elasticity enabling thicker parts of the garment to sink completely into the padding with equal pressure, what prevents shine and pressure marks on it. The low heat resistance of the Latexfoam has to be equaled by a very good lower padding, like silicone foam or Nomex needle felt V209. The standard quality for operations with limited use of steam.
Temperature resistance up to 130C; up to 140C if protected by a sufficient lower padding (like silicone foam or heat resistant felt). Length of roll ca. 15.6 meters.

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