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OSHIMA - pneumatic cuff pressing machine

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Znamka: Oshima


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Efficient and simple to use appliance with possibility of easy exchange of moulds, depending on different cuffs forms and sizes [quadrangle, pentangle, round as well as pocket flaps]. Exchanging of pressing and heating elements not necessary, regardless of a cuff form. Special equipment keeps the shaped element in a fixed position, ensuring perfect final result. Automatic feeding and receiving cuffs, pressed cuff exhaling directly to a special container, possibility of operating by means of pedals or buttons, electronic control of the left and right machine side working: temperature, pressing time, feeding and receiving speed. Efficiency approx. 320 - 350 pieces per hour. Voltage 230 V, heaters power 1,3 kW, pressure 0,4 - 0,5 Mpa, maximum temperature 300 degrees Celsius, net weight 125 kg, gross weight 170 kg. Compressed air necessary.

Lastnosti izdelka

Največji pritisk: 1.5 kg/cm2
Najvišja temparatura: 300 °C
Moč grelca: 1.3 kW
Učinkovitost: 320 - 350 kos/h