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2- head inkjet cutting plotter, print width 185 cm

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Fast, precise and quiet (<50db) 2-head cutting and drawing plotter with a modern design, with free pickup function (without the need to wind the print onto the pickup roller).
Print speed: 120 m2 / h (300dpi / 600dpi), cutting speed: 1200mm / s (vector), printing / cutting width: 185 cm. Economical operation: standard HP cartridges. Print resolution: 600dpi, 300dpi and economic quality.
Recommended paper weight: 40-300 g / m2, 0.3mm, max. roll weight 45kg
Equipped with a paper or cartridge lack sensor and a cartridge cleaning system. The amount of information provided to the device does not affect its speed or the time it takes to print. It is an industrial device that does not require complicated configuration or adjustment.
Maximum power consumption: 150 W - plotting, 300W - cutting, 230V / 50Hz power supply.